Just start, says the love coach – Sami Wunder

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Sami Wunder.

Episode 44

Show Notes

You can find and connect with Sami at:

Sami is a certified love and relationship coach and helps women create the relationship of their dreams.

Sami specializes in helping smart and strong women to attract the right man for them and keep him in a forever intimate, passionate relationship. She also supports women, whose man is being withdrawn or passive in the relationship, to bring his attention and presence 100% back to the relationship. That every woman on the planet loves herself and be loved is Sami’s mission, passion, and driving force.

I liked the following quotes and remarks from the interview:

  • My name is Sami Wunder and I am a certified relationship coach. I help women who do everything right in life, also do everything right in love. I help women who are single attract the right guy or a soul mate. I also help women who are in a relationship keep the spark in the relationship alive.
  • At a given time in your life, there is one person who is right for you. However life evolves, you evolve, up grow, situation change. If that person is really right for you, he grows with you, changes with you and you stay together. If not, there is another one right for you. There can be more.
  • I help quite a few women who are entrepreneurs and are just starting to make money. These women can be afraid that they become so successful that their husbands feel threatened or left behind. I then tell them that when they are at work, they use a lot of masculine energy in things as working on marketing or sales. However when they come home, their husbands expect a woman, so she will have to deploy her feminine energy. This often solves a lot of problems.
  • When I was done with my masters, I was getting quite successful in life. However, I could not understand why my relationships would not last so long. After a harsh breakup, I decided that this would not happen to me again and I started reading about relationships. I learned a lot back then. I decided to start coaching myself. Within a year I had found a lovely man and after 9 months he was down on one knee already.
  • At first, I was trying to get things right before actually executing them. Nowadays, I learned that it is best to just implement it and learn from your mistakes. This will truly help your business grow and help you grow as a person.

Sami mentioned Mama Gena, you can reach her at http://www.mamagenas.com/

By Erno Hannink

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