Learn to design the branding for your coaching biz – Jenna Soard

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Jenna Soard.

Episode 43

Show Notes

You can find and connect with  Jenna at:

Jenna is a design fanatic and branding expert. She loves to help you create a brand that is so personal, it will attract all of the amazing peoples that you want to be working with.

She was asked for the University of Oregon and The Forbes School of Business.  She taught branding, design, entrepreneurship, for 4 years, all while developing and testing core philosophies on how to take a non-designer and make them design like a professional in a very short period of time.

In 2013, she launched YouCanBrand.com and taught almost 200 small business owners how to design.

I liked the following quotes and remarks from the interview:

  • My name is Jenna Soard and I run YouCanBrand.com. I teach entrepreneurs how to design for themselves, such as graphic design
  • If you create a brand of your own, you can differentiate yourself from others in your field of work.
  • We combine all the strategies of creating a brand and attracting clients in something visual.
  • You need to find a niche, you cannot coach everyone, whilst you will not master your skill.
  • Try and create and own philosophy, so you will stand out and people will notice you.
  • Before I found myself capable of teaching in branding, I had to create a good brand of my own.
  • During my time as a graphic designer, clients expected me to read their minds.¬† I started thinking about how it would be for non-designers to design for themselves and so the idea of my business was born.
  • Today people usually cut up the solution of a problem to make more money, but it is not as effective as selling the whole solution.
  • If you are not getting the sales you want, ask yourself if you are the only one doing this. Differentiate yourself

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