How can an event teach the self-employed to grow

There are a number of things that drive me. I am deeply in love with my family and enjoy being with them. Working online, from home most of the time, helps me to do this.

Another important thing that drives me is, discovering ‘new’ things on the web and sharing it while adding my own thoughts to it. Here I have a focus on marketing and social media. More specifically, marketing and social media for independent professionals or the self-employed. For You.

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I love this so much I would do it for free. Heck, I am doing lots of it for free just because I love sharing this with you. I share articles on and [Dutch], there are 2 active Facebook pages where I share tips [English] [Dutch], free webinars, newsletters.

With some other enthusiasts we started WordCamp Netherlands and Social Media Club Amsterdam.

Basically I start these things so I can make independent professionals like yourself successful in your own way and build a foundation to support the self-employed in developing countries and rural areas. This is why:

Balance Entrepreneurship and family

Spending time with their family is not for everyone. There are entrepreneurs that want to build a big business and they will spent a lot of time doing this. Time they can not spend with their family, building the business is more important, at least for now.

I feel that having a wealthy balance between entrepreneurship and family is crucial to find happiness. With wealthy I mean you spend enough time with your family so you can see your kids grow up. There is no second time in seeing your kids grow and becoming their own individual.

With wealthy I also mean that you make enough money with your company that you can support your family. So you can pay the mortgage or rent, you can pay for food, you can pay for clothes and your kids’ education. In such a way that your partner does not need to worry if he or she will have enough money this month and next month.

I speak with coaches, trainers, and other independent professionals that are struggling each month to earn enough money. I also see entrepreneurs that earn enough money but are hardly at home.

There is a way that independent professionals can earn more money without working too many hours. I want to support, teach, mentor these self-employed people that want to move forward and enjoy this wealthy balance.

Developing Rural areas

In rural areas you see younger people and families moving to the bigger cities. These people are searching for happiness in another area with more jobs, more people, the right universities.

This has a negative effect for the areas they moved away from. There will be fewer people, so more people want to move away from these beautiful rural areas.

It starts with the young people who study and look for better jobs in cities and entrepreneurs that look for environments where they can find employees. It continues with people who look for jobs at the companies in the cities.

Leaving the older people in this area. They don’t want to move away to the city because they enjoy the calmness of the area.

It just means that we make these rural areas poor.

The internet is a great tool to stop this. You can build your company from home with a computer and internet connection.
You can build your own business or cooperate with other people and build a bigger company.

By teaching the self-employed how to be successful using the internet, and attracting clients, we can develop these rural areas or at least stop eroding them.

Leave a legacy

Like you, I have a number of basic needs. One spiritual need is that you and I want to leaf a legacy. We want to leaf something to the world that people will talk about after we are gone.

In helping independent professionals to build a successful business I believe that I am leaving a legacy.

Like Becky McCray is doing with Small Biz Survival and her book Small Town Rules – How Small Business and Big Brands Can Prosper in a Connected Economy.

Make the world a better place

Leaving a legacy is not enough. During my life I want to make the world a better place, even if it is just a little bit better.

I can help independent professional to gets clients, to earn enough money to support their family. To earn enough money using the internet so they can stay and develop the area they live in.

To have a successful business and spend plenty of time with the family.

Love it enough to do it for free?

I want this so bad, I could do it for free. However I also know now that I will be a lot more successful in this journey when I do make money.

This money can be used to build online courses, community sites, local workshops, makes it possible to travel to these areas and do presentations and workshops locally.

And more.

How can events support these goals

Live events bring people together.
Events make it easier for people to connect on a deeper level.

At events people can learn from the speakers and other attendees.
You can use the collective knowledge of the speakers and attendees to help each other.

Events are great to build a community.

Building the event

Together with Pieter van Osch (@pyotr) I want to build an inspiring and active event.
We want an event that helps you to make your business more successful using the internet as the driving tool.

During the event you work on ideas and cases for your business. We also want to use the collective intelligence of the attendees to supercharge a business, maybe yours.

We want to build more than an event, we want to build a community. Where people support each other also when the live event is over.

With this event we want to give independent professionals stories, cases and tools to grow their business

Do you want to join us at this event?
Do you want to become part of this community?
Do you want to grow your business and learn how you can use the internet to do this?

Show your support in the comments.
Soon more about this event.

credit photo Power Woman Francesca by Daniel Zedda

By Erno Hannink

Sparring and accountability partner for entrepreneurs who create sustainable positive impact. Explores decision-making. Shares his insights on this in, articles, books (Dutch), podcast, newsletters, and tools. Has a life mission to reduce social and ecological inequality. Father of two children, husband of M., runs, referee for the national soccer league, and uses stoicism for calm. Lives in the Netherlands. Speaks Dutch, English, and German.


  1. Sounds great Erno! Love to be part of this event in whatever way, shape or form it will eventuate. Not sure why I am writing this in English, (apart from the fact I love English). But could not find this article on your Dutch site. Any thoughts about when this event might become reality?

    I’m hosting an event of my own on 14 June. LinkedIn Live ( networking and knowledge sharing. But also… 10% of the net takings will go to charity as I love helping people. Helping them by sharing my knowledge and when I am able to, helping finance good causes.


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