Florien Versteegh on Virtual Assistance and attracting clients

New inspiration on how experts attract clients and find new business in their niche. This interview about virtual assistance and attracting clients with Florien Versteegh. Learn how she filled her business within 6 months with WoM and her website.

Florien Versteegh

The Expert

Florien (@FlorienVA) has been playing the cello for years and played with some famous Dutch artists, until she switched to the corporate world. She was a secretary on corporate level at Philips for 6 years.

With this experience under her belt she was ready to quit working for a boss and started her own business. This was 6 months ago and now her business is filled with clients.

She works for extremely ambitious independent professionals that work internationally and nationally. Florienversteegh.nl is her Dutch website and Florienversteegh.com is her English website.

Watch the interview with Florien

The video-interview with Florien Versteegh on virtual assistance and attracting clients. You can also download the mp3 of this interview with Florien. Learn how she used word of mouth and her website with copy writing to completely fill her business within 6 months.

Interesting points in the interview:

  • Her major client attraction method is Word of Mouth and her website. She hired a copywriter for the text on her website.
  • Her business is only 6 months young and she already has denied clients because she can’t handle any new clients.
  • She is very clear about who she wants to work for.
  • She got one new client via Facebook.
  • She talks about how her professional music experience helps her to run her business.

Florien started in a relative new market in the Netherlands, many entrepreneurs don’t know what a Virtual Assistant is. She has to explain what she does. On the other hand the entrepreneurs that do know what a virtual assistant can do for you, only can choose from a few good Dutch virtual assistants.

Florien’s website

Florienversteegh.com website

You can connect with Florien Versteegh on Twitter @FlorienVA, LinkedIn and Follow her page on Facebook

Not everyone feels the same about virtual assistants.
See this reply on my suggestion: “@jackiewolven use a VA that answers your phone at moments you need to focus”

@ernohannink ah… if only I trusted a VA.

Can you use Virtual Assistance

To make room for your most important tasks, your core business, it is smart to outsource other smaller tasks. Have you thought about using a virtual assistant?
Do you use a virtual assistant?
Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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