Brigitte van Tuijl on getting unstuck and finding your purpose

New inspiration on attracting clients and living your life purpose. Making the world a better place and making money with it. A video interview with Brigitte van Tuijl.
Brigitte van Tuijl

The Expert

Brigitte (@brigittevant) worked as a coach in the Netherlands since 2003. Since end 2011 she switched to English. All her programs, articles, blog are in English now.

She actually deleted all the Dutch articles of the last few years from her Dutch website. That’s how important an international break through is for her. It must have been a tough decision because the articles drove a lot of traffic to her website.

Now she writes her weekly newsletter and publishes articles on her English blog. She is a Purpose and Breakthrough expert for Heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Watch the interview

In this video Brigitte talks about finding your purpose and how important it is to live it.

Her first book in English will be published soon, “The Art of divine selfishness – transforming the world by thinking of you”
What a beautiful title! Do you agree?

Brigitte beliefs that we need to change the world so that every person can live his or her life purpose and you need two things for that:

  1. You need to know what your purpose is
  2. You need to live it, be your authentic self

Divine selfishness is the solution for this.

Most important advice: just try and make mistakes.


The number one thing you need to do to grow your business is pick a niche.

“You don’t find your ideal client by looking out there. You find your Ideal Client by looking inside. Who are the people that you love working with the most.”

People find her online, via website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. She gets most of het clients via her newsletter and via free teleseminars, about four per year. At the end of these free teleseminar she sells a product or program.

Brigitte’s website

Brigitte's hub

You can connect with Brigitte on LinkedIn or Twitter @brigittevant and ‘Like’ her page on Facebook.

What is your purpose

Do you know what your purpose is? Are you living it?
Ready for your Big Mission and Big Impact? Share your purpose in the comments below.

disclosure: I build a number of things for Brigitte like her websites, and

By Erno Hannink

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