Before sending your next newsletter – learn from these experiences

Last night I enjoyed the free online event by Fabienne Fredrickson. She is doing a great job on growing her business and these sessions and the 3 day event that she was selling at the end of the event.

Internet email

At one point she mentioned a talk she had with a client. Fabienne asked her about what she is doing on marketing now. The client mentioned the weekly ezine. “When was the last time you sent it?”, asked Fabienne. “Three months ago”, she replied.

Three months since her last ‘weekly’ ezine. That is not consistent. It is not the way to build Trust with the people who subscribed.

I know from experience that this can be very difficult. Sending a weekly newsletter, maybe you want to move to every other week or just once a month.

Serious about business

When you are really serious about business you don’t change the schedule, you change your habits. The newsletter is your lifeline. People that subscribe to the newsletter to want to learn from you, they want to be informed. They will buy from you.

Another interesting moment in the live event were 2 hot seats. Like all entrepreneurs, I love to start things. One of the ladies in the hot seat also wanted a lot of things.

She wants to sell her new things via the newsletter. “How many people do you have on the list?”, Fabienne asked. “147”, she replied.

Fabienne explained that 0.1% of the list will buy from your email. “That is even less than one person.”, Fabienne added to underline her point.

This is exactly why my focus is on my newsletter, growing the number of subscribers, giving valuable information, and sticking to the schedule. This has not been my strongest point in 2011.

I see three kind of newsletters or ezines, if it arrives consistent:

  • the content is OK, but there is no offer
  • there is no content, just an offer
  • the perfect balance in content that slowly fades into the timely offer

Insights from 5 million emails

Writing an email that gets opened and read when the subscribers sees is something that you can learn. Before you send your next newsletter learn from the infographic. This is data gathered by Boomerang for Gmail.

  • Use words like Apply, Opportunity, Demo in the subject line
  • Avoid words like Join, Speaker, Invite in the subject line
  • Send marketing emails before 6 am (People just want read it at 6am)
  • Send personal emails before work or at lunch for best response rate
  • 77% of people expect a response within 2 days
  • We delete 80% of our email in 3 seconds
Learn from 5 million emails
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BTW if you want to receive fewer emails you need to send fewer emails. On average we get 1.5 emails for the 1 we send.

Source: Insights from 5 Million Emails by

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Credit Photo: Internet Email by MattWi1s0n

By Erno Hannink

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