The Social Conference #TSC12

The Social Conference is a yearly event in Amsterdam. This year it was re-branded to The Social Conference. It is a cooperation between Emerce and Krem.

I will be blogging live from this event, trying to make some photos and videos from the speakers at the main stage.

The presentations I want to attend are:

Fons Trompenaars

Fons TrompenaarsFons (@thtconsulting) is well-known about his research on cultures. He was one of the authors I loved while I was doing my MBA. I am really interested in cultures and his research is very interesting on this.
At this conference Fons will talk about The management dilemma’s of the social web

“…he will address the culture-free challenges that all cultures face when implementing social media-centric approaches. Adoption and deployment of social media and the associated rules of interaction usually create tension in the ways companies are working.”


Lot KeijzerLot Keizer (@lot) will talk about Social Media for your business i.e. LinkedIn. Lot is the director marketing solutions at LinkedIn in the Netherlands.

Social in Business

Olivier BlanchardOlivier Alain Blanchard (@thebrandbuilder) of The BrandBuilder Marketing will talk about Success in the next decade for business.

Olivier will give an overview of how social technologies are already impacting the way businesses gain a competitive advantage, and what this means for brands in the coming decade.

I have also planned a short interview with Olivier. Hopefully we can work that out between the presentations.

implementing social media

Polle de MaagtPolle de Maagt (@polledemaagt), recently started his own company. His presentation is titled Why we keep failing in really implementing social media.

We failed to show real business impact, convince management, make employees really understand the new transparency and lay the foundation for more social companies.
Therefore, a plea for less retweets and more reports, for less experience and more excel.

Embedding Social Media into our DNA

thomas marzanoI have seen Thomas Marzano (@thomasmarzano) speak during one of our SMC Amsterdam meetings. There he spoke about Klout and influence. Today he will talk about the work he does for Philips.

…how Philips integrated social media. What have been the social and brand experiences during this implementation. What are the 3 pillars of social integration?… the case LifeLine: Integrating Social Media into our products & services.

The PR Champion

Deirdre BreakenridgeThe final presentation of this day will be about PR. Deirdre Breakenridge (@dbreakenridge) is coauthor of the book Putting the Public back into Public Relations.

Eight New Strategic Practices for the PR Professional, which focuses on shifting the PR mindset to create more efficient processes and internal collaboration, increased guidance of new media communications, stronger connections with customers by analyzing and engaging in relationships, and the better use of technology during the PR planning process

Eight New Strategic Practices for the PR Champion

  • The Policymaker
  • Internal Collaboration Generator
  • COMMS Organizer
  • Tech Tester
  • Pre-Crisis Doctor
  • Relationship Organizer
  • Reputation Task Force Member and
  • Master of the Metrics.

A short video that Deirdre did for this event.

Here you can find the complete program of The social Conference

By Erno Hannink

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