More and better videos for your blog and the equipment you need to make it happen

Last year I already used more video in my blog than the year before. This year it will be even more. Video is going to be more and more important. If you want to become visible for your target audience, use video.

You can use video in various ways:

  • Create video posts
  • Do live interviews
  • Video-interviews via Skype
  • Record events
  • Record your workshop or presentation
  • Record a webinar
  • Screencasts
  • Recording a mentor or coach session with a client

All these possibilities require a different setup and some different cameras.

For the videos that I am working on now I have purchased two new webcams.
I want to record HD videos so that the quality of the image is perfect on YouTube and Vimeo.

Remember I am not a camera or video expert. I want to help independent professionals to attract clients. Videos will help me with that and it will help you to attract clients, if you sell products or when you sell a service.

Sometimes I get comments on my published video from so-called video experts. They pay attention to the quality of the camera, sound and lighting. Pleas remember: the main point is to get your message out there, to help your target audience. Focus on the content.

This is the setup at my desk:
Setup at my desk for recording video


Logitech HD Pro webcam C920
The latest HD webcam by Logitech. It even lets you record video calls from Skype in full HD. Only for Windows and you need Skype 5.7+ (beta).
Connected to your computer you can use it for webinars, video-interviews via Skype, posts from your desk.

You can also place this version on a tripod
Cost EUR 99.00

Logitech HD Pro webcam C910
Also a great HD webcam that you can use for Mac and Windows. In mac the control of the camera is limited i.e. zooming in is missing.
You can record 720p with Skype. Regular recording with camera can be done in Full HD (1080).

Cost EUR 99.00

Kodak Zi6
A bit older HD camera that I use to do videos when I am on the road. I did all my recordings from Le Web 2011 with this camera.

Great camera, although the Zi8 is even a bit better with an external Mic connection. Both cameras are no longer available in the shop.
The replacement would be the Playfull

The Playfull Dual Camera has an external microphone in.
Price EUR 180.00

Important: Sound and Light

There are 2 other parts that are extremely important when you record a video: sound and lighting.

A good microphone is necessary so the viewer can understand the subject. The microphone build in the camera can be good enough, but then you have to be sure that you record in a quiet environment.

You can use daylight, make sure you have the sunlight in the back of the camera and shining on the subject. When you want to record and not be depending on the sun you can buy some lights.


Blue Yeti – this is a great microphone USB for Win and Mac. I love the sound of it. You can find it at Blue Microphones

You can buy this later but for me it is a great product that I use for all my Skype calls, interviews and podcasts.

Price: EUR 135.00


2 soft box lights directed at your face from both sides is the minimum.
I have been searching for these lights at a good price for some time.
First I found it via Amazon but later via eBay.

My latest set of 3 lights were purchased via a Dutch shop on eBay for EUR 120.00.


Tools to edit your video. You do not have to use it. I published a lot of videos directly from the camera to YouTube. Editing takes time.

Windows MovieMaker – free.
This is the basic software from Microsoft that you can download and use to add titles, add sound, add images to your video. It works good and easy.

iMovie (Mac) – free
Part of iLife. If you want the latest version it is iLife ’11 and comes with iMovie ’11, iPhoto ’11 and Garageband ’11. This upgrade costs EUR 12.00, that is a bargain.

Similar to Movie Maker, a basic video editing tool.

Camtasia (Win/Mac) – paid, to record from your screen and do screencasts for example.
The software is created by TechSmith.

You can Download a free trial.
Cost: EUR 285.50 for Windows and EUR 94.50 for Mac??

To make easy recordings of my Skype interviews I purchased seperate software. I want me and the person that I interview in 1 shot side-by-side.

Call recorder for Mac
Easy to use software by ecamm to record your video calls on Skype. You can use it for video interviews via Skype or coaching calls via Skype.

Used by the video interview pros and
Price EUR 20.00

Supertintin for Windows
Looks similar as Call recorder.
I still need to test this one

Price EUR 25.00 (US$ 30.00)


To get my videos out in the open, start shipping, I publish them on 3 channels.

This is the channel that gets the most traffic. It is the second search engine after Google.
Using the right title can put your video on the first page in Google for your keywords.


It has a better quality video. It also offers you a Pro account where you get more upload size (5G per week). You can upload videos of 1 hour or more with Pro.
The Vimeo Pro solution offers a lot more EUR 199.00 / year

I also use it to publish the videos that I sell from my webinars. You can hide the videos in and only embed them on a specific website.
When you are just beginning the free version of Vimeo will get you high quality playbacks.


Once the video is published on YouTube and/or Vimeo I embed it in a post and publish it on my blog.


Here are some posts that I used to get some inspiration and information for my video recording setup:

Subscribe to these channels to see my weekly Q&A’s and upcoming video interviews on attracting clients:

What do you use?

So are you ready to start recording now?
What kind of equipment do you use for your video recordings?
Share it via the comments below.

By Erno Hannink

Sparring and accountability partner for entrepreneurs who create sustainable positive impact. Explores decision-making. Shares his insights on this in, articles, books (Dutch), podcast, newsletters, and tools. Has a life mission to reduce social and ecological inequality. Father of two children, husband of M., runs, referee for the national soccer league, and uses stoicism for calm. Lives in the Netherlands. Speaks Dutch, English, and German.


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