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Ever since I have slowly migrated to the topic Family and Business Balance for entrepreneurial coaches I wanted to write a manifesto about it. A document that shows how I think about it. A document that can be shared freely with all coaches.

The first time I learned about manifestos was by Seth Godin’s The Bootstrapper’s Bible. The second time, when I really thought I can do this too, was with Chris Guillebau’s A Brief Guide to World Domination.

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Of course there is also the manifesto by Holstee This is your life. Do what you love and do it often. And the Cluetrain manifesto by Davd Weinberger et al.

Finally I am ready to do this. I was all excited when I entered my proposal in This is a site filled with manifesto’s.

BTW ChangeThis is just a platform to start this. Of course I will launch it on other platforms. I have already started writing the manifesto. It will not be depending on the approval of ChangeThis, or the number of votes this manifesto will receive. This manifesto will be published. Ha victory 🙂

I want to show you, no, I need to show men and women that it is possible to build a family and a business at the same time without shortchanging either or dying from exhaustion. This is my mission.

This is the proposal for my manifesto that I would love to get published on

Title of the manifesto: “How to grow your Family and your Business at the same time

“The Family and Business Balance is about building a family and a business at the same time without shortchanging either or dying of exhaustion. A wealthy life with enough money and enough time.

This balance is based on 5 pillars.
– Supporting yourself,
– Supporting your family,
– Supporting your business,
– Supporting your community, and
– Creating a better world.

In this manifesto you will find tools and tips to create harmony in entrepreneurship and family. Your work is inspiring, good and meaningful, it does not need to be separated from your life. It does require a better integration. Clear goals for all aspects in your life so what you do in your business contributes to your goals in life.

You will go from restless, finding your next rush in business, to a life with meaning. A life that contributes to a better world.

We start with supporting yourself. When you don’t take care for yourself, you can’t support others. Make sure you are happy and understand what you are meant to do.

Support your family, your spouse and children. Make sure you spend enough time with them. It is important to build relationships with clients for your business, it is equally important to build relationships with the members of your family. When you have a setback, these are the people that will support you. Make sure you are there for them now.

You are an entrepreneur, of course your business is important to you. You will spend lots of time building your business. Make sure it contributes to your life goals. Use the tools available today to save time and energy. So you can use this for your other pillars.

Look around you. How can you support the community that you are part of, with your expertise. Using your experience you can easily help your community with your knowledge and with little effort.

I believe that we, you and I, want to leave this world a better place than when we came here. Make your business and your life count.

Create a balance in your life for your family and your business and you will create a better world.”

Brief bio of the author:

“Erno is the Family and Business Balance Finder for coaches. He published 3 books in the Netherlands and writes on (Dutch) and (English). His goal in life is to show entrepreneurs that it is possible to build a business and build a family at the same time, without dying from exhaustion.

I want to help entrepreneurs to live a well-rounded life, to find inspiration, financial independence and meaning.

Since 2005 I write on and today this site has over 45,000 visitors per month.”

Update March 28, 2013:
The proposal has been approved by the Change This staff!! Woohoo

Can you please vote for this proposal so it gets published on

Your manifesto

Let me know what you think about this manifesto. Also I would love to know if you have a manifesto in you. Is there something that you just need to share with the world.

Share your ideas below in the comments.

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By Erno Hannink

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