In 2013 we want to improve our personal financial situation

We (80% op the respondents) are optimistic about 2013, that it will be a better year than 2012. Where 49% of the respondents believe that the global economy will improve in 2013.

We (80%) take matters in our own hands with some personal resolutions ‘I will make some personal resolutions to do some specific things for myself or others in 2013’.

What do we focus on to make things better? Money.

Personal financial situation 2013

Half (55%) respond that in 2013 they most want to ‘improve my financial situation’. Only a small proportion of respondents indicate in 2013 they would rather ‘spend more time with friends and family’ (16%), ‘improve my health’ (14%) or ‘travel to other countries’ (12%).

This data comes from a poll conducted between October 2 – 16, 2012. An international sample of 18,000 adults in 24 countries, for more information see the Ipsos Online Panel system.

Happier in 2013

In order to be happy we need enough money to pay our bills and have a little room to purchase extras.

Improving our financial situation is important to feel happier. Especially if we are not sure if the global economy will improve in 2013 (51%).

We need to take care of our own situation first. Paying all the bills, pay of the debt, and make the first steps to pay off the mortgage. Create a personal financial situation that creates a stress-free environment for you and your spouse.

If you want to be happier remember that drivers that matter less than you think include money, beauty, youth, intelligence and education. Drivers that matter more include, self-esteem, social skills, free time (as in you can control your time), volunteering and humor.

Are you optimistic about 2013?

Do you feel that 2013 will be a better year compared to 2012?
What will you focus on to make 2013 a better year?

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By Erno Hannink

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