How to get speaking engagements

During our international mastermind call, my friend Pieter van Osch asked for tips how he could get more speaking engagements. So we, Becky McCray, Stephanie Ward, and myself shared our tips.

Speaking is a great way to introduce your ideas as an expert to potential clients. Similar to publishing your thoughts, speaking is a great way to be seen as an expert in your field.

Speaking engagements

How do you get paid speaking gigs as a speaker? Our tips:

1. Speakers page

The first tip was, add a speaker page to the website.

Some examples of speaking pages for your inspiration:

2. Price range

Add a price range for speaking to your speaking page. This way you give event organizers an idea of your prices. When there is no price mentioned on your site the organizer will continue the search to other speakers that are clear on this point.

3. Photos

Photos of you speaking in the side bar. See for example the sidebar of Becky McCray’s speaking page
speaking photos sidebar

Make sure you include photos of engaged audience while you speak. So we can see that you can engage your audience and they interact with you.

4. Videos

Add videos of speaking gigs to the speaker page. This can be short 1-2 minutes videos with a sample of your workshop or keynote.

When you don’t have a recording of a gig, try to get one of your next presentation or workshop. For now you can record a video of you presenting without an audience.

You can add this video to your speaking page so event organizers get a better understanding of how you speak, your accent and moves.

You can also create a professional speaking demo reel of 5-20 minutes with snippits of various presentations. This will cost you some money but it gives event organizers a good overview of your speaking skills.

Here is for example the speaker reel of Nancy Duarte

5. Sell it

Make a list of events or companies where you want to speak and approach them.

Create a tailored pitch with slides and you in a video for an event on Start with a free account now (3 presentations / month).

6. Speaker sites

Register as a speaker on a speaker site. A great site where you can register is

This is the ExpertFile of Becky McCray
ExpertFile Becky McCray

Connect With Me At ExpertFile This is my page on ExpertFile.

ExpertFile is not a speakers bureau.

7. Become a better speaker

Join a local chapter of to practice your speaking.

Watch presentations of great speakers and learn from how they do it. Watch on a regular basis TED talks for example. You can also find great TED talks on YouTube.

Create great presentations, read this post and listen to the podcast in How to Create Great Presentations (tips from the CEO of the top presentation design firm) with Nancy Duarte and Derek Halpern.

Good point of Derek Halpern: It is not just about the content, it is about the delivery too.

Becky noticed that speakers are selling more interactive sessions like workshops and less keynotes in the last year or so. Add at least one example of a workshop you present.

8. Speakers organisation

Join a professional speakers organisation like the National Speakers Association (NSA) or PSA Holland. Find the local or national organisation for you.

These organisations have events where you can learn about speaking and connect with other speakers. This way you have more contacts in the speaking scene so people can refer you for speaking gigs.

9. Connect with organizers

Becky mentioned an example of a speaker that organized a series of podcasts with thought leaders that also organize events. A great way to make your self seen in your industry and become visible to event organizers.

10. Your tip

Do you have tip No. 10 for Pieter?
Please share your most important tip to get more speaking engagements below in the comments.

Photo credit: Tim Olson

By Erno Hannink

Sparring and accountability partner for entrepreneurs who create sustainable positive impact. Explores decision-making. Shares his insights on this in, articles, books (Dutch), podcast, newsletters, and tools. Has a life mission to reduce social and ecological inequality. Father of two children, husband of M., runs, referee for the national soccer league, and uses stoicism for calm. Lives in the Netherlands. Speaks Dutch, English, and German.

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  1. Good day
    It would be an honour to become a member of your bureau as speaker. I have conducted many church services and seminars where I educated people on the science of the soul and religion.
    After 8 years of writing I most recently completed two books, ‘The secret to God’s Light’ and ‘Secrets of the unknown God’ which I have to have published as soon as possible. The teachings from my books are based on spiritual science and religion. Most of my life was based on seeking the facts of whom and what God really is, and what the true journey of the soul is.
    I was taught by gurus and masters from the east and preachers and apostles from the west. It almost took me an entire lifetime to find the truth; until a few years ago when God revealed all the codes from the Bible to me. At first I was under the impression that many people possessed the same gift; but the more I searched for someone who understood the truth, the more disappointed I became.
    Eventually I realised that there were no one to whom the facts of the human existence and the codes of the Bible were revealed. Whenever I spoken to Christian preachers, I was shocked to see how little they truly understood about the Bible, the soul’s journey and that they were solely focused on manipulating people and making money. Christian seekers on the other hand, are totally brain washed and except anything they are taught, without considering any facts. This was when I realised that I had to write my books.
    Atheists and eastern religions do not believe that I am Christian as I am better informed on evolution and God’s physical creation than anybody they have ever spoken to. As a matter of fact; my one friend who teaches psychology at a University in South Africa said “Do you realise that you have actually completed Darwins theory of evolution, and gave it meaning?”
    If it is possible in any way, I would love to teach the world what the message from the Bible and Christianity really is. I would like to meet with atheist leader such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, on national television, to prove that they have lots to learn and nothing to offer. I will also guarantee that I will not lose one Christian to atheism in our debates. As n matter of fact, I have turned many atheists around into becoming Christian.
    My path has been created and I will succeed in changing religion as it is known today. I am looking for somebody to hear my message and start the inevitable. I am merely the medium, God will do the talking.
    I do not want money, I solely want to teach.
    Kind regards

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