Facebook for Your Business Webinar & ‘How To’ Guide

You’ve heard everyone talking about how you can use Facebook for your business but just exactly how do you do that?

You’ve been thinking about starting a Facebook Business page but just never seem to get to it because it’s all so overwhelming.

Have you been wondering things like:

  • What’s the difference between a personal profile and a business page on Facebook?
  • How can I keep my personal Facebook profile separate from my business page?
  • How do I set up my business page?
  • How do I get people to ‘Like’ my Facebook Business page?
  • How can I get people to interact with me on my Facebook business page?
  • How is having a Facebook business page going to help me attract more clients and grow my business?

Trust me, you’re not the only one who isn’t sure how to create an effective Facebook page for your business. It’s confusing and there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut way to figure it out.

Well that’s all about to change. We, Stephanie Ward and Facebook Expert Erno Hannink, have a solution for you.

We have recorded a content rich webinar, called Facebook for Your Business.

It’s one hour and 35 minutes full of information you need to create an effective Facebook page for your business.

The host of the Webinar is yours truly, Stephanie Ward and Erno Hannink, the Facebook expert (among other internet related specialties) who is going to explain how to make Facebook really work for your business.

This Webinar is NOT a preview to try to sell something else. There are no long introductions and we don’t tell ‘our stories’ that take up half of the time.

The Webinar will be only practical content that you use right away to get your Facebook page up and working for your business.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This webinar was create AFTER the recent new Facebook changes and new layout were put into effect on February 8th so it’s completely up to date with the new look and feel.

“Erno Hannink is an inspiring speaker for internet marketing.” – Ron de Joode

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Benefits of Having a Facebook Page for Your Business

  • A place to build your community
  • Be where your target audience is
  • Attract clients
  • Sell products on Facebook
  • Increase the number of people who subscribe to your ezine
  • Share valuable resources with your community
  • Increase exposure on the internet
  • Meet new people you otherwise wouldn’t meet
  • Build your brand

In the first seventy minutes of the Webinar we cover rock solid content that answers all of your burning questions. During The last 25 minutes we answered questions that came up during the Webinar.

In addition to the webinar, you will also receive a 13 page ‘How To’ .pdf guide that contains all of the information from the webinar including links.

“Erno is a professional webmarketeer, who translates the wide world of webmarketing in a practical way for small and midsize companies.” – Peter Desmyttere

What has been Covered During the Webinar?

So here’s what will be covered in the video of the Facebook for Business Webinar:

Facebook for Business Webinar

Facebook Facts

1. Personal Profile

  • Why you should not use your Personal Profile for your business and what can happen if you do.
  • The differences between a Personal Profile and a Business Page

2. How to Create Your Facebook Business Page

  • Used to be called a Fan page and you got ‘fans’, now it’s called a Business Page and people ‘like’ your page
  • Which category to pick – and which one NOT to pick
  • What name to pick for your Facebook Business Page
  • The rule for changing the name of your Facebook Business page
  • Photos/Images  for your Facebook Business Page

3. How to Dramatically Improve Your Page

  • The size limit for images and suggested content for images (plus examples)
  • Tabs Overview & Why They are Important
  • Wall Tab – where you post content and people who like your page post content (and how to change  your settings to allow comments from others)
  • How to use the Admin view of your Facebook Business Page
  • How to comment as your Personal Profile or as your Business Page (and why this new feature is helpful)
  • Where and how to find spam on your Facebook Business Page
  • How to remove posts that you don’t want on your Facebook Business Page Wall
  • Information Tab
  • What you need to add and the format to use
  • How to change the category of your Facebook Business Page (a new feature)
  • How to feature the owner of your Facebook Business Page for increased visibility
  • Welcome Tab
  • How to customize your welcome tab using a free resource
  • How to change the default landing page to the welcome tab instead of the wall
  • How to Add Extra Tabs using free applications
  • YouTube Tab
  • Twitter Tab
  • SlideShare Tab application
  • How you change the order of the Tabs and how many are visible

4. Posting on Your Wall & Knowing When Others Post on your Wall

  • What kind of inoformation to post on your Facebook Business Page
  • Why you should add photos and videos to your Facebook Business Page (and who can see them)
  • How to add your blog posts to your Facebook Business Page
  • How to know when someone comments or posts on your business page (updates from Facebook and another free option)

5. How to Promote your Page & Get More ‘Likes’

  • How to invite your friends on your Personal Profile to Like your page
  • You many ‘Likes’ you need before you can create a customized url and how to do it and what to name it (you want a customized url to make promoting your page easy).
  • How to promote your Facebook Business Page once you have your customized url
  • How and where to promote your Facebook Business Page
  • How to add a Bagde on your blog
  • Hot to add a ‘Like’ box to your website and blog sidebar and the right one to choose
  • How to get more subscribers to your ezine using your Facebook Business Page
  • How to offer unique content in exchange for a ‘Like’
  • How to add a Facebook Greet Box to your blog or website
  • How to add ‘Like’ buttons to your blog posts and articles
  • How to offer a special give away in exchange for a ‘Like’
  • How to add a video to your welcome tab
  • Additional places to put your url to get more ‘Likes’

6. Getting People to Interact on Your Business Page

  • Tips for getting people to interact on your Facebook Business page wall
  • How to spread your status updates to your personal page
  • How to tag and link your Facebook Business Page
  • How often to publish updates on your Facebook Business Page
  • The type of content you need to publish
  • How to make sure your page remains likable

7. How to Sell Products on Your Business page

  • Which shopping cart to use to sell products
  • How payment is made
  • The types of products you can sell

8. How to Measure Your Progress by Analyzing the Activity on Your Business Page

  • Facebook offers fantastic Statistics about your Facebook Business Page
  • An overview of your ‘Users’ and their ‘Interactions’ by week or month (this information can be exported)
  • You can get even more detailed on ‘Users’ and on ‘Interactions’

Wrap Up


“Erno is an inspiring person and always knows how to get you enthusiastic about new ways to communicate. With his extensive knowledge about the newest possibilities on the internet and his contagious drive, he is able to get people and organizations into action.” – Philip Nijland

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What the Heck is a Webinar?

A Webinar is a video recording of presentation that shows information and the voices of the people presenting the information.
Erno will show you exactly how to create an effective Facebook Page for your Business using screen shots and live images from his computer via the internet.

You play the webinar as many times as you like and even download it to your computer.

Along with this webinar you will receive a 13 page ‘How to Use Facebook for Business’ Guide (.pdf).

“Erno is an innovative professional who delivers results.” – Jos Senden

So here’s a summary of what you’ll get:

  • The video of the 90 minute Webinar about Facebook for Business (70 minutes of fabulous content and 20 minutes for questions at the end)
  • A copy of the ‘How to Facebook for Business’ instruction guide (.pdf)
“In the fall of 2010 I attended Erno’s workshop ‘Give Your Business a Face on Facebook’. For those of us who were less familiar with the Facebook phenomenon he gave us a step-by-step and clear overview of this (new) phenomenon and the possibilities that it offers.

Next, every participant created a Facebook page for his or her business. Erno was patient, helpful, and thought along with each of the participants about the possibilities for using their Facebook page effectively for their business.

His expertise is excellent. Also, after the workshop Erno offered to be available to answer our questions. Erno is, in my opinion, the Dutch Facebook Expert!” – Daphne Fleur Don

So How Much Will it Cost?

For only 47 euro, plus 8,93 BTW – 55,93 euro (about $65 USD) you will get the information you need to create a killer Facebook Business Page that will help you attract more clients and grow your business.

And even though the investment for this Webinar and ‘How To’ is quite low, we want you to feel super confident about your purchase.

Therefore, we are offering a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. So there’s absolutely no risk for you.

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To Your Business Success!

Erno Hannink
Stephanie Ward

p.s. No big push here to get you to purchase with a bunch of “p.s.’s” you know if you’re ready to create an effective Facebook page for your business – we just want you to know that if you have any questions about this Webinar, Facebook for Business, we’d love to answer them. Send your questions to Stephanie (Stephanie@fireflycoaching.com) or Erno (erno@ernohannink.nl).

There are 3 steps in the ordering process:

  1. Clicking the Order Now button above, you will be directed to our payment system
  2. You make the payment using Paypal, credit card or Ideal
  3. Once you have paid you will receive an email with a link to the video and the How To PDF


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