Essential Twitter tutorials for newbies and experts

outlow-twitter-tutorialsThe OutLaw Design blog has 30 essential Twitter tutorials. These are great guides when you are new to Twitter or even when you already a Twitter expert. This is my selection of Twitter Tutorials.

Twitter in plain English

Let’s start with the video Twitter in plain English. As always a great and very easy to understand video by CommonCraft

Create a Twitter account

OK, so now you understand twitter and want to start. In 5 stips you learn how to create an account on Twitter by Twitip.

Mastering Twitter in 10 minutes with this PDF. You can download the PDF for free, no really you don’t have to leave your email address to get the PDF. Tutorial: Mastering Twitter In 10 Minutes… Or Less It is the 2nd version done by Twitteroid.

Using Twitter… ‘The Smart Way’

A tutorial about how to get set up and use twitter. Especially if you’re looking to use Twitter for business. Again bij Twitip. The basics, applications, etiquettes and tools.

Intermediate Twitter users
You have been using your Twitter account for some time now. You are wondering how to get more out of Twitter.

5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Presence

  • Leverage Other Profiles
  • Tweet and Tweet Often – But Create Space for Reactions
  • Be Conversational
  • Provide Value
  • Tweet in Peak Times
  • A great article from ProBlogger Darren Rowse – the guy behindTwitip.

    How to use Twitter as a tool

    As you may know Guy Kawasaki really uses Twitter. He uses it often to promote his Alltop. How does he do it? He uses Twitter as a tool as explained in this great article; How to use Twitter as a tool

    • Forget the “influentials
    • Defocus your efforts
    • Get as many followers as you can
    • Monitor what people are saying about you, your company, and your product.
    • Ask for help
    • Make it easy to tweet on your behalf.
    • Create an email list.
    • Make it easy to “post to Twitter.”
    • Offer advice deals to Twitter users.
    • Tell the complainers where to go.

    Twitter for Business

    This is a great webcast on how to use Twitter for business. It is done by O’Reilly. It is a long video; 60 minutes.

    Change your Twitter background

    A great tutorial on how to make a better Twitter background and attract more followers this way. Spoon Graphics gives some great examples and then helps you to design you own in Photoshop.

    8 Useful Tips to Become Successful With Twitter
    10 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter with your Website

    Twitter Experts
    You are a Twitter expert and still want to learn how you can improve your Twitter skills. These are some great tutorials.

    How To Make a Unique Website for Your Twitter Updates

    Create a special page/website for your tweets. Looks really nice. Requires soem design to make it cool. By Tutorial Blog

    Create a Twitter Box in your Sidebar

    Want to make a really cool badge in sidebar of your site or blog, then this tutorial will help you. It requires altering the heading in your site, HTML and CSS. Done by Pink & Yellow media blog

    How to Link Twitter to Facebook
    How to Auto Follow People on Twitter
    How to Set Up an Auto Response Back to New Followers in Twitter

    Of course there is also my Twitter tutorial, it is in Dutch; Wat moet ik nu met Twitter?

    Source: 30 Essential Twitter Tutorials for Newbies and Experts

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