The best SEO and SEM information (crowd sourced)

When you have a website or blog it is good that the search engines find your content. Finding your content is not enought though it should list in the top 3 results of the topic you are writing about, if you want people to read it.

Robert Scoble is rebuilding his site from scratch. At this moment his blog on has no styling.

To make a good new start, even when his blog gets lots of visitors, he is aksing out loud what are good resources for SEO and SEM. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing or the optimization and marketing of your site for the search engines. Great content alone doesn’t do it.

He asked this question on Friendfeed – which is much better than Twitter for these kind of questions, because the answers are listed just below the question. The question goes back to the top of the FriendFeed timeline as soon as there is a new reply or like. So you can identify interesting topics easily.

The first and many other replies are by the Google expert himself Matt Cutts. So here is a list of sites with the best SEO/SEM info (crowd sourced).

Mona asks if SEO / SEM is still relevant:
Is SEO/SEM still relevant? – Mona Nomura
  • Mona: yes. Techcrunch tells me 60% of it’s traffic comes from search. – Robert Scoble
  • @Mona: …can you expand on your question? What has made optimizing content and Web sites for search engines less relevant? – .LAG liked that
  • I’ve recently heard Google changed their algorithm, plus with aggregating sites indexing for us (FriendFeed, Facebook, Twitter), there are many outlets and methods of people reaching our media — that is, if we remember to segregate to keep various audiences interested. ie: staying away from like services. – Mona Nomura
  • Mona, Yes. something like 90% of all traffic starts with a search engine, so unless you are a destination site ,you rely on search to send your traffice. There are times when RSS Subs can be more valuable, like when you are doing loyalty building, but generally NEW users are finding you through a social media or through search. More people are in search than social media..Ergo its still relevant –Brandon Wirtz
The list will continue to grow. The actual list: Who has the best SEO/SEM info? Post URLs here
You can also find a list of the URLs mentioned on FriendFeed on delicious –
I’m adding all these to… thanks! 🙂 – Jay Neff

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