Episode 1 – About #1CoachBiz Podcast

At first, I wanted to start with the first interview that I recorded with successful coach Brigitte van Tuijl. Then I learned more about podcasting and understood that people will go listen to the first shows.

So I thought it probably is a good idea to start this podcast show off with what it is about and why I am doing this.

First episode

In this first episode of the brand new #1coachbiz podcast, I will tell more about this podcast. So enjoy this short episode.


Hello and welcome to the first episode of the #1coachbiz podcast. Where it is all about how you can make your coaching business number in your niche. How you can stand out online and become visible for the people that need your help.

In this first episode I will tell you about why I am launching this podcast, and how I failed earlier, who is this for, the what and how. I will also tell you something about me, some things I am sharing here for the first time. Let’s get this show rolling…

Hi, my name is Erno Hannink and I am a mentor for life and business coaches that want to become number in their niche.


Let me tell you about my first podcast. And no, it isn’t the one that you are listening to now. I started my first podcast series back in 2010. I was able to release 3 episodes and an interview with me. So it didn’t last very long.
But this time I am back in the game. Not the first but very good and on topic. Instead of wandering all over the place with topics and people that I interview I have a focus on you.

With this podcast, I will share tips on how to become number 1 in your niche. I will not do this alone. For most episodes, I will interview successful coaches that are running a thriving business. I will find out why their business is so successful and what they are doing differently. You can use their tips and tricks to improve your coaching business. We will shorten the learning for you to build a great coaching business.

There are 4 reasons why I started this podcast now:

  1. I want to learn from successful coaches how they did it. What had the biggest impact for them to become successful? How they overcame the biggest failure.
  2. It is fun to connect and talk with these coaches and business owners. It is easy to invite someone that I admire for an interview for the podcast
  3. Doing this podcast will make me more visible. OK, you hear my voice instead of just reading a post from me. It feels like I am sitting right next to you and talking with you.
  4. You. I am doing this for you. I want to help you to do what you have got to do. I want you to have a good coaching business that makes you happy and enables you to do what you have got to do.

Who is this for

This podcast is for life coaches that want to make our world a little bit better. You are a great coach and are excited to help people. But you want to help more people. You have it in you to help a lot more people. At the same time, you are looking for ways to build a better business. That is where I come in. I help people like you to become number 1 in their niche.

I focus on online, more specifically on choosing your target client, building a Power Platform, building a Lasting List and building a Narrow Network. In the next few shows, I will explain what this means and how it works.
Of course, when you are a therapist or a business coach and you want to become visible online you are welcome to subscribe to this podcast too.

You are not just a coach you are also running a business. You need to make money so that you are able to keep on doing what you have to do on this planet.


The first six episodes of this podcast will explain the basics of online visibility and attracting the right clients. These episodes will be released fairly quickly after each other. From then on, each week I will publish a new interview with a successful coach.

The weekly interviews will be released each Friday morning at 6 am so you can take it along on your trip that day. You can listen to it while you take your daily walk or run. You can listen to it on the train or in the car. You can listen to it before you go to bed or during a break.


Each show will be published on my website, on iTunes, Stitcher, and on SoundCloud. So you can choose to subscribe to this podcast on the platform that you prefer.

Oh yes. Since I am Dutch and have a lot of followers from the Netherlands and Belgium I do want to interview Dutch and Belgian coaches that have a great business. These interviews will be in Dutch. I will also interview coaches that are internationally successful. These interviews will be in English. Whenever I do a show to tell you something myself, those shows will be in English too. I will announce at the beginning of each show if it is either in Dutch or English.

Who is Erno

Yes, who is this Erno? Btw Erno is a Finnish and Hungarian name and no I am not from Hungary or Finland. I was born and still live in the Netherlands. Also this name Erno can not be found on my birth certificate or in my passport. My Christian names are, are you ready?, Gerardus Johan Christian. So the first two names are my two grandfathers, my mother’s dad, and my father’s dad. And the idea for Christian was added because I was born just before Eastern back in 1968 on the hottest day in April in 100 years.

And if these three names weren’t enough my parents decided to add a given name, Erno. Just because my parents liked this name. I like this name too, it is short and it is not a very common name. So there is no other Erno Hannink. There a few famous Erno’s like Erno Rubik from the Rubik’s Cube and Erno Goldfinger an architect and furniture designer and yes the Goldfinger in the Bond movie was named after this Erno. And when you look for Erno in the search engines you will probably also find Erno Laszlo a brand for skincare. And you will probably find me on the first page too.

I was born in Haaksbergen and live now in Doetinchem which is close to Arnheim which you may know from the movie a Bridge too far. Where is it? Looking from North to South it is in the middle, when looking from West to the East it is to the East, all the way and close to the German border.

Here I live with my wife, Monique, and our two children. Our son and daughter both play soccer or football as we call it in Europe. That’s how I got involved in football again and now every weekend I run on a football field too, either as the referee or as an assistant referee. I read a lot of books too, 99% non-fiction and I listen to smooth jazz music most of the days.

I followed a technical education and graduated from the Higher Technical School in Enschede in Telecommunications. Later I also did an executive MBA which meant studying next to my job and forget about my personal life for about 2 years.

I had several jobs in the sales and marketing area and often in markets related to telecommunications I worked for companies like Universal Electronics and One For All, Stork and Comfoor. In 2006 I was finally done with working for somebody and being a manager. I went to the company owner and explained that I will finalize two important projects but that I quite. That meant resigning in April and my final workday was on September 30, 2006.

Since October 1st of that year, I have a full-time business that I run from home. This gave me the opportunity to bring my kids to school, have lunch with them around noon and pick them up around 3.15 pm. Now our kids don’t want me to pick them up from school anymore. However, I am there when they come home from school. I am there. That has been important for me from the beginning, a wealthy mix of family and business. The freedom to start at 5 am, do some running around none and call it a day when I am ready.

When I started in 2006 I had little idea what I was going to do. Something with blogging because that worked, it attracts clients. Although I have been working in marketing and sales for 10+ years I made all the beginner mistakes for my own business.

It is not until the last few years that I have found a focus and the people that want my help and that I love to help. This focus changed my business.

So this is where I am at now. And today I want to give you even more tips and support on how you can go from online visibility to becoming number 1 in your niche.

Please listen to the following episode which is all about choosing the client that wants to work with you.

By Erno Hannink

Sparring and accountability partner for entrepreneurs who create sustainable positive impact. Explores decision-making. Shares his insights on this in, articles, books (Dutch), podcast, newsletters, and tools. Has a life mission to reduce social and ecological inequality. Father of two children, husband of M., runs, referee for the national soccer league, and uses stoicism for calm. Lives in the Netherlands. Speaks Dutch, English, and German.