Everything for the Coach – by coaches for coaches – Step 1

I have this crazy idea of creating an overview of tools, sites, inspiration that coaches can use to improve their business.

The goal is to create an extensive list of tips collected from the most successful coaches in the world. Tips that made a difference in their business. Tips that can be used by other coaches to move forward with their business.

It is for executive coaches, business coaches, corporate coaches, performance coaches, personal/Life coaches, Career coaches, Team coaches. Coaches that have a business and want to make the next step.

This list will become available on no1CoachingBusiness.com and ErnoHannink.nl.

There is already a start on this page http://ernohannink.nl/inspiratie-coach-boeken/ with an overview of books collected from various coaches.

The questionnaire that I want to send out to the coaches is ready. There are four questions on the form to be answered by successful coaches.

The next step is to hire virtual assistance to find the names and contact details of the most successful coaches. Send the questionnaire to these coaches and collect the results.

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By Erno Hannink

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