Discovering Shelfari

Today I was again on the site of Shelfari. A friend on Twitter pointed me to the bookshelf of A.W. Bruna – the publisher of my book. Not sure why, but today I decided to open an account on this social network around books and reading.

It is very nice and easy. There is not a lot of detials that you need to add to open an account. Of course, like always, I advice you to give as much details as possible. It makes the connecting more easy. Finding a possible connection through the books that you read and checking the profile makes it easier to connect.

This is what my bookshelf looks like now.

It was very easy to fill the bookshelf. You can browse books by subject. I started looking at the business section, that is what I read. With the mouse you go over the book that you want to read, are reading, or have read. Select the appropriate options, including if you own the book or if it is on your wish list. Done.

Also I went through some of the bookshelves of the people that I am already connected with in other networks. You can find some interesting reading there.

Why it is that I started making this account today? There are probably a couple of reasons for it:

  • I was sent to Shelfari by a friend via Twitter
  • This week I was on the Google Talk with a friend. We used our webcams and he noticed the full desk on my site. The remark hit me and later that day I made some space in my physical bookshelf and cleared my desk. Pfew it feels good
  • Tomorrow (March 13, 2009) I will start my first day in my new life ;0). I will write on the first setup of my book. This setup must be completed in 2 weeks. I am planning to write every Friday for the next 5 months. The book (manuscript) is due August 1, 2009. To be published in October this year. My first book. Wow.

By Erno Hannink

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