You love what you do and you want more clients – 7 steps to do just that

Your wish

Attract ClientsAre you a coach, author, speaker and/or trainer with a true passion for your work? You believe in the power of your services and products. So, You have a wish:

  • earn more money
  • let clients come to you
  • become visible in the online world

You are an Independent Professional, a solopreneur, thus you are self employed and you have one major point of attention: more business with less effort.

More Clients

I have spoken with hundreds of coaches, authors, writers, speakers, and see one issue coming up again and again: they want more clients.

I love getting deeper into this issue. I love talking about getting more clients with my clients and followers. When people subscribe to my newsletter I ask this question: “What are you struggling with?”

This is a sampling of the answers I read the most:

    I love what I do but I need more clients
    How do I setup Facebook to get more clients
    How do I use LinkedIn to get more business
    I want a better price for my services.

So you see, you are not alone.

You are making plans for 2012 and this year everything will be different. Right?
You want to grow your business substantially in 2012. Maybe 2011 was not your best year ever, but in 2012 you want to change this. You want to make a leap in your income with all the experience and expertise that you have build up in the past years.

This new year everything will change for you.

What is happening now

You have been reading about blogs, newsletters, social network sites for the last months. Possibly you have followed one or two trainings on Twitter or LinkedIn. You learned all these great features and you are really thrilled of what it can bring. But there is still something missing.

You meet new people on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, really nice people. But still something is missing.

You are missing new clients.

You hear all these great stories about people making money via these social media. They are setting up their business and finding clients just via social media. You keep thinking “What am I doing wrong here?”

What do you need

There are so many social network sites and blogs out there it is impossible to keep up with it all. And you don’t need to. There is no need to work hard, you need work smart.

You do not need a guide that will show you all the great and shiny new things that are out there. You need a guide that shows you what works when you want to attract clients using the internet.

You want someone that is your lens to the new world and can show you only what you need to see.

Pure Willpower is not enough

Willpower is like a muscle that easily overloads. The solution for showing great willpower is using it as little as possible and to create order and regularity.

Order and Regularity for your client attraction will be more successful than working on willpower.

That is why this program lasts for seven months. We want to create your system, your order and regularity to attract your ideal clients. Monthly, weekly and daily routines so it becomes part of your life without thinking about it.

What could happen

When you are clear what you offer to which people you could just attract your ideal client. You know the one.
You have some of those clients already and you would just love that you could work only with these kind of clients.

You can start working only for your ideal clients. Clients that enjoy you and talk about you. Clients that pay the bill on time. Clients that make you happy and are happy with you.

Your business will be even more fun 🙂

Why is this program different

In this program I will only show you the tools that make you visible for your target audience. No need to overload you with all the new stuff that has not worked yet for client attraction.

You can talk with like minded, ambitious entrepreneurs in the online network for this program. We can help each other with detailed steps, ask questions, answer questions, support each other.

As Adriaan Wagenaar once said after a Facebook workshop: “His expert-style was ‘What makes you successful on Facebook.’ instead of ‘Just do like me and everything will be OK.'”

When you follow the Gold or Silver program we will talk numbers. You will make yourself accountable to the group. In the Gold program I will be your mentor and will support you in your accountability on a monthly basis.

What is the program going to bring you

With my help you will learn what tools to use so you can attract your ideal client. Following the program you will become an Online Rock Star in your niche.

You will separate yourself from your competitors and become the Expert in your niche.

Ideal clients are calling you, sending you an email or a message to one of your profiles on the social network sites. They want to work with you.

Attracting your ideal client will result in a raise of your prices and earning more money.

Why am I doing this

Teach and support as many independent professionals as I can to attract clients. I want to touch as many self employed people and show them what happens when sales is no longer a struggle. When the clients just come knocking on your virtual door.

For more than 5 years I have been working on this topic with my clients and on the web. My book Attracting Clients, is in it’s second print, the first print sold out in less than 9 months. The digital version has been downloaded more than 5,500 times!

Attracting Clients is an import topic to me. I want to help as many independent professionals as I can to make their business successful. I want you to find a happy balance in entrepreneurship and family. A healthy business is the basis for this balance.

Attracting the right clients should be an important topic for you!

What do I want to accomplish

By the end of 2012 I want to have enough funds to start a new foundation. This foundation will support the self employed in developing countries to grow their business. The foundation will support these solopreneurs in their effort to make their business work locally.

I really want to support the local area by supporting local people to make their business successful so they are staying. I want to do this with training and mentoring, locally and via the web of course, and with micro loans.

What are you getting

After doing workshops, webinars and presentations I have created this special program to support you. The program is completely online so you don’t loose valuable time traveling. Balance in your entrepreneurship and family is important to me.

Via the link below you will find an overview of all the topics we will cover in those 7 steps starting January 2012.

During the 7 months we will develop a routine, so attracting your ideal client becomes a habit for you.

Attract Clients and Grow Your Business
Work with me for 7 months and become an Online Rock Star

My latest webinar sold out in 3 weeks. Make sure you reserve your seat now to start working on your business January 2012. When you register now you will get some bonus materials so you can start right away and can get in the spirit of the steps you and I are going to take in 2012. Register now.

By Erno Hannink

Sparring and accountability partner for entrepreneurs who create sustainable positive impact. Explores decision-making. Shares his insights on this in, articles, books (Dutch), podcast, newsletters, and tools. Has a life mission to reduce social and ecological inequality. Father of two children, husband of M., runs, referee for the national soccer league, and uses stoicism for calm. Lives in the Netherlands. Speaks Dutch, English, and German.