Year in review – What did you ship in 2010?

If you read Seth Godin’s blog or books than you understand the question ‘What did you ship?’ – it comes from Lichpin. He wrote a blogpost listing what he had shipped in 2010. Seth also mentions that it is difficult to publish this list.

Thinking, preparing, planning all great things to do for a new project, but in the end it doens’t help you if you don’t execute. You need to release the product, new service. You need to ship.

It is a great book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? How to Drive Your Career and Create a Remarkable Future (aff)

OK, so without further ado, here is my shipping list:

In 2010 I have spend a fair amount of writing on 2 new books that did not ship yet, so it doesn’t count on this list. But it will be on next year’s list 🙂

Seth is correct it is pretty difficult to produce the list. Being bussy all the time and not ship doesn’t count. Only projects that shipped are important and that makes the list short and difficult.

It is the lizard brain that stops me from shiping on many things. Want to know what I mean with that? Read the book, Picking your niche next year 🙂 or Linchpin

So, what did you ship in 2010. Share below or on your blog and leave a link here.

By Erno Hannink

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