Workshops outperform webinars, writing outperforms typing, better negotiator and Life is ____

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How to become a great Negotiator

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Become a Great Negotiator
A great post by James Altucher. One of the few blogs that I want in my inbox. He writes often and lengthy posts.

Posts that make you think. Give you inspiration. Posts that are different.
This one is about… negotiations.

“The bigger picture is that you get a chance to love what you do. And you get the chance to live life as gently as possible.

This gives you the energy to love what you do.

You don’t need to read all the self-help books on how to “win” a negotiation. There is no winning or losing.

The good news is, the Universe wants us to win and has given us the sun, air, the ground, and all the people around us who we love so we have the best opportunity to succeed.”

Now go checkout his points on “Prepare everything. Script nothing.”, “Negotiate with your heart”, “Infinite patience brings immediate results” and more.
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Become a Great Negotiator

Webinars are not enough

Why Webinars Are Not Enough (The Power Of A Live Workshop)

Another blog that comes into my inbox is that of Sean D’Souza. He writes with a very nice tone of voice. Always looking at it from a different angle in a positive way.

At the moment there is a lot of hype on webinars. Some coaches and marketeers found that this works pretty good for their business. So there are now products for better webinars. Webinar training. Webinar products to use Google Hangouts in a smart way. Webinars are the latest hype in online marketing.

Then there is this article by Sean where he explains how important real live workshops are. That live workshops have some great benefits over webinars.

Sean is not saying that webinars are not good. They are great, and live workshops give your clients something extra, focus. They give you also something extra, clients that purchase more from you.

“A client who has done a live workshop with us ends up buying far more product and doing as many as 3 to 4 courses (remember our courses are not cheap).

This is because they get to know us at a granular level rather than through some online delivery system. This increases the trust many times over. In comparison, someone who has just read our material or done an online course, is still likely to buy quite a lot of product/and do an online course. But they pale in comparison to the people who have met us in the flesh.”

I know he is right. This is the exact same reason I have introduced the Master Class in my calendar. And I haven’t done these workshops for a couple of years.

Read Sean’s post Why Webinars Are Not Enough (The Power Of A Live Workshop)

Life is ______

The Meaning of Life by Derek Sivers. The third blog that comes into my inbox. Like the two blogs above.

When these posts land in my inbox I usually read the post that same day. It has to do with the quality of their writing. Their insights and sharing it with me so I can learn from it.

This post is different. It is based on a presentation Sivers did a couple of times. Now he created this video of it. You see the slides and hear Sivers talk. Sivers’ is looking at the meaning of life from different angles in a clear and calm voice.

Life is _____

Life is time

Some say life is time. Life is all about time. The definition of life is the time between when you’re born and when you die. So the literal meaning of life is time.” and Sivers’ continues to explain how you can make the most of your time.


“Some say life is choice. Life is all about choice. You make a hundred little choices a day, and a hundred big choices in your life. These choices change your entire life. Your life is created by your choices. Therefore life IS choice.”

Read about other definitions in the post. It’s also amazing how many comments he gets on his posts.

You can download the audio (MP3), watch the video or read the transcript in this post.
The Meaning of Life

Power to the Small Sites

Your Power Platform (combination of pages and articles) is probably a lot smaller than the big news sites in your industry.

Google’s Matt Cutts: Small Sites Can Beat Large Sites in Search Results

The important points that Matt Cutts of Google is making here: focus, choose your niche.
The same reason why I wrote “Handbook Hyperspecialization”. Choose a niche, as small as possible so you can thrive and survive.

Write for your audience and the search engines will follow.

“Think about concentrating on a smaller topic area, one niche, and … make sure you cover it really, really well,” he said. “And then you can sort of build out from that smaller area until you become larger and larger and larger.”

Take Notes by Hand

The Best Way To Remember Something? Take Notes By Hand
When people are in a presentation, workshop of webinar with me most of the time someone asks, “can we get the presentation or do we have to take notes.

You can get the presentation, and it is good to take notes because this way you will learn the most.

Often I remind our children about this too when they are learning for a test. Especially our son loves to read the text for a test.

Learn by writing down. Take notes. Practice the exercises. Your brain is connected to movements you make with your hand. Note: writing by hand, not typing.

“The students who took notes on laptops tended to write more words than those who wrote by hand, but when given the chance to study their notes afterward, all that extra content didn’t help much–students who wrote their notes longhand performed better on a test a week later, both on questions of conceptual understanding and the factual content.”

The Best Way To Remember Something? Take Notes By Hand

Credit photo: Marco Arment

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