Using internet on your trip abroad

Have you had the unpleasant surprise on your phone bill for data usage in another country. If not you will if you use your smart phone on your trips.

For my trip to France I wanted to be sure that I could check my email, Twitter and Facebook very day. For this you can use the wifi of your camping or hotel during holiday or business trip. Here you can also experience some extreme pricing.
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You can easily spend EUR 10,00 – 25,00 for a day of wifi or just for a few hours per day. While I was investigating internet solutions in France for our holiday trip I saw a great solution on Twitter.

@vincente mentioned #droam offered by a company Attore in Amsterdam. They were doing a test for the next few weeks. When the test is successful they will introduce it in more countries in Europe.

Sending a message to @attore was enough. Via mail I received the small box that creates a wifi solution with a sim card.

The solution costs EUR 25,00 for the first day and EUR 1,00 for the following days. For this holiday it means EUR 25,00 + EUR 7,00, and I have to return the Droam via mail (EUR 6,75).

The Droam helped my perfectly during my trip I could check, the local weather, things to day for our trips, email, twitter replies and Facebook. My son even checked his scores on the online soccer manager daily.

The price include 50 Mb usage per day. Additional usage is charged at EUR 1,00 per Mb. For my regular T-mobile subscription it is EUR 2,00 per Mb.
On a special menu I could check my usage in the browser.

See the video where I talk about the Droam from Attore (@attore)

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By Erno Hannink

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Erno.

    Staying at one’s professional best on the road is a never-ending challenge. Seems like everytime we find a solution they ‘move the cheese’ because our needs keep increasing.

    Hearing about innovations like Droam is very helpful!

    Happy Journeys!

  2. Yes it is Ronda. I have the final invoice now.
    It was 10 days on total and 1 day I was over 50 Mb.
    So EUR 25 (start) + EUR 9,00 (9 extra days) + EUR 1,31 (extra bandwidth).
    Makes EUR 42,02 including VAT

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