The Happiness Factor for companies – Kristie Wells

For the kick off of the Social Media Club Amsterdam I have asked Kristie Wells and Chris Heuer to make a short video. This was a nice opportunity to make a video with Kristie. I have already done some video’s with Chris Heuer.

Kristie explains the importance of customer service and customer interaction. She calls it the Happiness Factor.
Of course the company has to make money and be happy, but also your customers and users need to be happy.
So, don’t put all your money in product development and product design and not be there when your customers have questions.

“Customer Service is the New Marketing.”

She advises companies and independent professionals to use a small amount out of your marketing budget for customer service.

Kristie is looking for examples of companies that do this well. Do you have an example?
After this video we talked a bit about one example we all know, Zappos. This company is customer service. Do you have any other examples? Please help Kristie and leave your examples in the comments below.

You can learn more about Kristie on her website and follow her on Twitter. Kristie is co-founder of the Social Media Club.

Listen to Kristie in this video.

By Erno Hannink

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