Pieter van Osch on Commercial Idealism and Attracting Clients

To give you inspiration on how experts in the market, attract clients and find new business in their niche I started a series of video interviews. This interview is with Pieter van Osch of Commercial Idealism.

Last week the interview was with Jane Boyd on work life balance and attracting clients. Next week I will publish the interview with Deirdre Breakenridge.

The Expert

Pieter van Osch

Pieter van Osch (@pyotr) believes that customer experience drives business growth, He is the founder of Commercial Idealism, and stands for Soft Skills, Real Results.
Pieter calls himself a Professional eye-opener.

The video interview

Watch the video interview with Pieter van Osch. Learn about commercial idealism and how Pieter gets new clients. What role plays networking, referrals, social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, his blog and the newsletter in attracting clients for Pieter.

Pieter’s Blog

Pieter’s blog in Dutch Customer Vibes
Customer Vibes - Pieter van Osch's Dutch blog

Pieter’s blog in English Commercial Idealism
Commercial Idealism Pieter van Osch's blog
Pieter just started this blog to clarify his ideas on Commercial Idealism.

In his manifesto Pieter writes:

We believe that companies can save the world. Companies that both can make meaning and can make money. Making a profit now and contribute to a better world in the long run. Having the impact to change the world.

There are eleven principles in his Commercial Idealism Manifesto, grouped in three topics:

  • Business Growth principles
  • Customer-Vendor relationship principles
  • Value creation principles

I love these principles:

  • Creating a base of superpromotors leads to the most sustainable business growth (and is much fun to do!)
  • Happy customers are only achieved by happy companies.
  • Happy companies have happy employees.
  • You create the most value when being a specialist. As a specialist you are doing what you love to do and what you are good at.

Examples of commercial examples by Pieter

From the above interview we got a comment via Twitter, “I am missing concrete examples in the interview.”

I forwarded the comment to Pieter and he made this short video to give you 2 examples from his own experiences.

Your take on Commercial Idealism

How do you feel about commercial idealism?
Do you see the role of superpromoters in attracting new clients for your business?

Share your thoughts on this in the comments.

By Erno Hannink

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