More than 1 billion people are active on the largest online network. That is huge. Then there is email, over 2 billion people check their inbox on a daily basis. Your target audience wants to get more information from you. Create a valuable newsletter for your ideal client.

Some tips to make sure you build an effective email list:

  • Make sure that visitors of your website can subscribe for your newsletter and become a member of your list on each page in je website.
  • When you are serious about building an email list of valuable subscribers you can’t use your regular email solution like Outlook or Gmail. You need a professional email solution.
  • The right email services makes sure that your emails actually arrive in the inbox of your subscribers. A difficult taks with the amount of spam arriving in our inbox these days.
  • There are lots of solutions available to start and maintain a good email list. The one that I use is Aweber (aff). You can test this for only $ 1,00 when you first subscribe to this service.

Then there are also the articles on newsletter on this website. The best articles are:

Articles about the newsletter

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