Marti Konstant on tech marketing, marketing hackathons and buckets [video]

Why is tech marketing different and what is a marketing hackathon? Marti Konstant helps tech business that want to grow, with marketing.

Marti Konstant

Marti is another friend from the SOBCon community and was mentioned by Jane Boyd.

The Expert

Marti Konstant (@martikonstant) lives in Chicago and has a love for tech marketing.

This is what Marti does and she has 3 buckets as she calls it:

  1. Work for Open Kernel Labs as VP of Marketing – a tech company that does secuirty for smart phones and tables
  2. Konstant Change – consulting, kick-start market demand
  3. Marketing Hackathon – marketing hack sessions – to help tech marketers to help companies grow

She has creates a wealthy balance of entrepreneurship and life by organizing events and accepting clients in waves and spend weekends as family time. She also takes every year an interesting vacation and sprinkles 3-day weekends to re-energize throughout the rest of the year.

You can connect with Marti on Twitter (@martikonstant), LinkedIn and Google+.

Watch the video

Marti has 3 work buckets and uses the weekend to spend with family and friends for a wealthy life/work balance. Watch the video interview with Marti Konstant here. You can also download the mp3 of this interview with Marti.

Konstant Change

Ideal client for Marti are B2B tech companies that have an impatient need to grow. She likes companies that have a product and 10-50 employees. (a good focus)

All owners are wearing the Chief Officer Marketing Hat.

Where they take of the passion for their product and Marti takes care of the spread.

She has done interim jobs for a number of years and she wants to bring the three buckets down to two: Konstant Change and Marketing Hackathons. (more focus)
Marti has just started to build a community for her company, for business owners and marketing people in tech companies.

Maybe 90-95% of your community will never buy from you.

Top 2 social media tools for Marti are Twitter and LinkedIn. (and again focus)

Marketing Hackathon

Marti is also the initiator of Marketing Hackathons to help tech marketeers to grow their tech business faster. The first marketing hackathon was in Chicago April 2012. Follow the website for next sessions.

For B2B Emerging Tech Companies who want to accelerate growth. For Startups who have a product and are ready to fill their sales pipeline.

Marketing and buckets for a wealthy balance

Do you separate your work into buckets and look at the waves for those buckets to accept clients or organize events?
Take vacations to re-energize yourself.

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