How a 7 figure coach and entrepreneur discovered simplicity – Nicola Bird part 1/2

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Nicola Bird.

Since there was so much information that she shared I have created two episodes of the conversation.

Let’s get the show rolling….

Episode 39

Show Notes

You can find and connect with Nicola at:

Nicola is a successful Online Entrepreneur, International Coach and Founder of With an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a diverse range of business experience, mother of three Nicola Bird went from earning $0 to $1m online by mastering technology to transform her coaching business.

She created JigsawBox as a way for her clients to access her expertise online in a flexible and affordable way, whilst leaving her free to concentrate on growing her business, traveling and spending time with her young children.

Through JigsawBox, Nicola helps coaches, consultants, and trainers to package up their expertise and deliver it online so that they can create more time, money and freedom to do the stuff they love.
Nicola is also the creator of the SimplicityProject where she blogs about her journey to take 90% off her to-do list. Currently, she writes a lot at her blog All About Love

Please enjoy the tips and ideas that Nicola shares in this interview.

I like the following quotes and remarks from the interview:

  • I am the creator of JigsawBox which is an online coaching tool for coaches, consultants, and trainers that helps them packing up their expertise. It’s e-learning, content delivering platform.
  • I also work on the, my own creation. This is where I am a coach and where I help entrepreneurs create a much simpler experience of running their business.
  • By focusing on one thing only, I can now focus on other things whereas that one thing, JigsawBox now runs without my supervision.
  • The more and more I understood how people work, the easier life and my business became.

People that Nicola mentioned during the interview:

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