Fifth P of People in your Marketing mix – Hank Wasiak

At the last day of SOBCon 2010 we worked in groups on 4 charity projects. The first day was Hank Wasiak shared a great story with us about Asset Based Thinking.

Just before we all departed on this last day of SOBCon, Hank did me this favor of a short video.
He is sharing that Social Media is not about media anymore it is about the 5th P in your marketing mix. The P of People.
Watch Hank rand.

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By Erno Hannink

Sparring and accountability partner for entrepreneurs who create sustainable positive impact. Explores decision-making. Shares his insights on this in, articles, books (Dutch), podcast, newsletters, and tools. Has a life mission to reduce social and ecological inequality. Father of two children, husband of M., runs, referee for the national soccer league, and uses stoicism for calm. Lives in the Netherlands. Speaks Dutch, English, and German.


  1. E.

    Great to meet you at SOBCon and we had some excellent discussions and interactions. The last day that we crowd sourced ideas for charities was an inspiring day. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my social media take on your video. The more I dive into marketing communications and social media the more convinced I am that it has gone well beyond media. It’s becoming part of the fundamental social marketing mix mindset…and that opens up a new world of opportunities for asset-based thinking.

    Be well.

    Hank Wasiak

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