Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions that I get asked.

Do you know how I fix .. Facebook thing?

No. Read No more Facebook tips

Will you promote my thing?

No. I don’t promote products or services on my website.

Will you read or review my book?

I might. Together with Tom van der Lubbe I have a book podcast where we review books for entrepreneurs. The show is in Dutch and we review each episode one book. We read English, German and Dutch books. Books that we feel are interesting for entrepreneurs. You can find it here De Ondernemers Boekencast.

Please send me a short email and explain why your book is interesting for entrepreneurs.

Can I use your video / article?

Yes. Anything I put on is free forever.

It would be nice if you could credit me and link back to

Will you be on my podcast?

Maybe. Email me a few questions you’d like to ask and a link to an example episode.

I enjoy conversations where we talk about decision-making for entrepreneurs.

Will you speak at my event?

Maybe. Email me the details of your event. Include if it is an in person event or virtual, how many attendees you expect, what kind of people you expect to show up, and what my fee will be.

My talks, discussions or masterclasses are on decision making for entrepreneurs.

I’ve got content for your site.

No thank you, this is my personal site. Here I share my thoughts and insights.

No advertising and nobody else’s stuff.

How can I grow my business or audience faster?

Focus. Do less and do it better. Don’t worry about scaling. Do the things for your clients, readers and listeners that don’t scale. Give them your personal attention. Ask questions and listen. Keep publishing content for your clients and audience.

How do I become a better writer?

Write publicly every week. Post it somewhere people see it. Something changes when your writing is out in the public, being seen by strangers. Seeing it through their eyes helps more than anything.

Read books. Learn how other people write.

The Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday is an interesting book on creating and selling your work.

Will you work with me?

If you are an entrepreneur that wants to make a sustainable positive impact in the world, I might. I help with sparring on your impact decisions and sticking to the decisions you have made.

Set priorities for your day and accomplish your goals faster with my help.

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