facebook-buttonErno Hannink has helped over a thousand of people with Facebook. Directly, in workshops, online training, articles and books.

Facebook is the largest online networking site. Period. There are more than 1 billion people active on Facebook.

It is important to understand that you start with a personal profile. This is you. Your firstname and lastname, no additions. When you want a place for your business on Facebook you create a Facebook page, while logged in with your personal profile. Your target audience can follow your business updates when they ‘Like’ your Facebook business page.

When you create a business page, people can not see whom created this business page. There is no visible connection between your business page and your personal profile. When you are a coach, trainer or self employed this is not an issue. For larger companies this is more important. You also want two or more admins for your business page (my tip for you).

You can follow his updates with lots of Facebook tips on his Facebook page. Ask your questions on Facebook, interact, leave a link for your Facebook page.

There are a lot of resources for Facebook. I have created an extensive list of Facebook resources.

Looking for help on creating your Facebook business page, more Likes and interaction? Order the video recording of the How to use Facebook for your business.

Then there are also the articles on Facebook on this website. The best articles are:

Facebook personal profile

Facebook business page

Newsfeed and updates

Do you Want more traffic from Facebook to your website?

Facebook gives you various options to get in contact with your target audience and share your expertise. You can share updates on your personal profile, share updates on your Facebook business pages. You can also participate in groups and help people that ask questions here.

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