Convert Traffic to subscribers with these 10 – Derek Halpern – tips

Do you want to convert more visitors of your website?
Listen to how the expert reviews some very high traffic and effective sites to make these even more effective.

From the moment I listened to Derek Halpern in 2011 at SOBCon in Chicago I have been following what he does. I love what he writes and how you can learn so much from his blog

Magnifying Glass Derek Halpern

Derek did a number of great blog review interviews of well-known sites and people in the social media arena. He uses his expertise ‘magnifying glass’ to look at these websites.

See the 10 tips below.

Pat Flyn’s website is being reviewed by Derek in this video.


“This material is priceless, so I suggest you watch how even some of the more popular sites on the web can still be improved.”

In this review, Derek looks at for some advice. This is one of the websites by Chris Brogan.

In this video Derek Halpern of reviews Amy Porterfield’s website. Check out his tips and strategies to help you turn web traffic into leads and sales. He also gives actionable steps to increase conversation rates and overall user experience. To check out the changes Amy made to her site after this review, go to

How to Increase Sales and Convert Online Website Traffic into Sales. In this website optimization and “How to Increase Sales” online video Derek breaks down how Lewis can improve his website performance to receive more traffic, get more leads, and increase sales.

Derek reviews Jay Baer’s regarding conversion rate, calls-to-action, and user experience

Derek Halpern reviews and shares tips on how to increase conversion of website visitors to subscribers (and eventually clients).

Corbett Barr learned a lot of new conversion strategies from watching earlier videos with Derek, so when Derek offered to critique Think Traffic in the same way he agreed happily.

Derek shows how to get more leads and points out missing lead generation opportunities on Denise Wakeman’s business blog site. Excellent tips for optimizing your blog so you can get more leads, build your list and convert more blog visitors into blog subscribers.

Site review with Laura Roeder about

Derek gives Dangerous a great critique. In the video they go over some really insightful tips on website optimization.

If you want to get a lot more leads coming in from your business website, this video gives you direct, actionable advice.

10 tips I learned from these Derek Halpern Blog critique videos

  1. Understand what your goal is with your website/blog
  2. Highlight evergreen articles with content buckets
  3. Add a feature box with your email opt in box
  4. Have a descriptive headline for the newsletter
  5. Use audience centered text for subscribing to your newsletter
  6. Add a small testimonial quote below the opt in form
  7. Pick 3-10 categories for you blog
  8. Use only one category for each post
  9. Use opt in forms on more locations in your site
  10. One Page – One Goal
  • Font Size 14pt to 16pt is the new 12pt
  • Credit: photo Upside Down by YLegrand

    How do you want to improve your site tomorrow

    Listening to these tips, what do you want to change on your site tomorrow?
    What quick fix do you want to apply?

    Write your fix and URL in the comments below.

    By Erno Hannink

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