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In this Ask Me Anything, Kendra Kinnison, the CEO of, asks me a interesting questions on how I work with clients on

In this conversation with we explore:

  • why being mission-driven is powerful,
  • how to use scheduling to work for the present and the future,
  • how I structure my coaching packages,
  • why I offer a complimentary coaching call,
  • how to think from the client perspective,
  • and more!

I love working with as a habit tracker and as a coach. Helping clients to develop a new habit often has a bigger impact on their lives than just the one habit that we are working on. My first payment from was $ 25 and after that it was multiple months of about $ 40.

Participating in the HCC training made a huge difference for me. Getting one package up and converting for my target audience, changed everything. Last month, 18 months after that first payment, I got a payment of $ 995.42.

It makes me happy to help clients, and get paid for working with clients from all over the world. The HCC training is of high quality and at a great price for coaches that want to help clients to improve their lives with better habits.

Join me to help people to improve their lives.

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