Struggling to find your next business idea? Get inspiration from the trends in Silicon Valley #leweb

As a business owner it is sometimes hard to find new ideas for your clients and for your business.

To get ideas you can ask questions and listen to clients. When you need new inspiration you can visit an event like Le Web.

This is the 10th Le Web and like the years before it is an event that is filled with great inspiration on internet, tech and social media. It feels like a 3 day shower of inspiration for me.

Sharing some of this energy here for some inspiration for your 2014 business plans.

Loic Le Meur at #leweb

On the day one Loic Le Meur (@loic) kicks this 10th edition of with trends he has spotted in Silicon Valley.

Watch Loic’s snapshot on the trends in Silicon Valley:

Some of the trends in his talk are:

Mindfullness & Meditation

Create a healthy and wealthy balance in business and life. Make sure that you take enough time of from work, relax and meditate. It will support your steps towards a happier life.

Like the app Headspace.

“mobile meditation app makes practising simple meditation and mindfulness techniques easy, ideal for those on-the-go.

Download the App for free to try it for yourself…:”

Lift – a great app to keep you on track for goals that you really want to accomplish.
After only being launched on the Iphone (iOS) it is now also available on Android.

Online education

With the online learning possibilities you can learn things you did not (want to) learn in school. Or you could be the teacher on your topic and get paid.

With sites like Cousera, you can learn from 551 courses done by 107 professionals at this moment. You are not alone. Almost 5.7 million people follow these courses.

Or sites like codecademy where you can learn how to code. Even if just want to code in your free time. Or you want your children learn how to code because it is important for their future.

Wearable Technology

Another topic that is interesting to learn more about and a lot of people are talking about is, the technology we can wear on our body.

The development of applications for the Google Glass is interesting to watch. Like the new company by Raimo Klein Glass Effect (founder Layar).

Scan the slides of Loic’s presentation for more opportunities for your business.

Credit photo: Adam Tinworth

By Erno Hannink

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