Becky McCray on small towns and making rural entrepreneurs prosper #30DTC

Inspiration on rural entrepreneurs, small towns and rural areas. How can you help small towns prosper? Make sure that the rural entrepreneurs prosper. This is Becky’s life goal. An interview with Becky McCray.

Becky McCray photo by Rebekah Workman

I know the photo is a bit older, but I love it 🙂

The Expert

Becky McCray (@beckymccray) lives in Hopetown, Oklakoma (population of about 30).

Becky is involved with a number of businesses:

Her life goal “Help rural entrepreneurs prosper so they can make their rural area prosper.”

Watch the interview

Becky shares her life mission and how important content is to attract clients for her business. Love here idea of how a niche is like a mirror for your ideal client so they can recognize themselves.
Watch the video interview with Becky McCray. You can also download the audio of this interview.

Becky McCray on Rural Entrepreneurship and attracting clients from Erno Hannink on Vimeo.

We talk about her various businesses the liquor store, the cattle range, Tourism Currents and more.
Interesting themes in the interview are:

The 4 seasons in a business

The number of businesses she has and actively is involved and how she manages all these businesses. With priority lists for each business and regular moments during the day she focusses on one business.

A lot of time goes in writing posts for the blogs of these businesses.

How important it is to have a niche and a life theme. It makes it easier to say no to projects that are coming on your path.

book Small Town Rules by Becky McCray and Barry MoltzAnd of course we talk about her new book Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Businesses Can Prosper in a Connected Economy (Que Biz-Tech) (aff).

What are the Small Town Rules?

The Change in the Economy

Rule 1. Plan for zero. There will be tough years ahead.
Rule 2. Spend creative brainpower before spending dollars.
Rule 3. Multiply lines of income to diversify your risk.

The Change in Technology

Rule 4. Work anywhere, anywhen through technology.
Rule 5. Treat customers like community.

The Change in Society

Rule 6. Be proud of being small.
Rule 7. Build your local connections.

Becky’s website

Becky McCray website

You can connect with Becky on Twitter (@beckymccray), LinkedIn and Facebook or Like her page on Tourism Currents or SmallBizSurvival.

I have to show the website of Small Biz Survival too. This is how I got to know Becky years ago.
Small Biz Survival by Becky McCray et al

Do you feel like a Small town business

Is your business like a small town? Do you talk a lot with your target audience on the web? Do you connect, involved in a community?

Credit photo: Rebekah Workman

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