Be yourself and take your own path – Teressa Fisk

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Teressa Fisk

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Teressa is a Holistic Business Mentor, Food And Wellness Coach, Author of Cookbook ‘Cheeky Wholesome Cooking’, Food Lover and Proud Mumma.
Teressa mentors virtual assistants, as well as startup holistic entrepreneurs like Health Coaches, Yogis, Personal Trainers, and other Alternative Health Providers. Helping them set their businesses up from the tech and admin foundations so that they can attract their ideal clients.

I liked the following quotes and remarks from the interview:

  • I am a business mentor and I help new holistic entrepreneurs and businesses to set up. I help them with the technical and administrative side of their work as I help them get off the ground. I consult clients and sometimes I also do some practical work myself. 
  • I came from corporate life, I was a banker and I was looking for my passion. This was after I got my son, about 2 years ago, my job took too much of my time.  I was a bit lost at first, but then I came across health coaching. This really inspired me and I loved it. The health coaching led me to my current work. 
  • When I quit my job at the bank I really wanted to disconnect from there. But I realized that I learned so many useful things, businesswise. Things like time blocking for important things such as family, socials media and blogging. I also made sure that I measured and tracked my incomes and expenditures. 
  • I combine food and health coaching with the mentoring and coaching of holistic coaching. I really didn’t think that I could have combined these two. I learned however that it is very important to help your clients understand what absolute value you can offer. My ideal client is a holistic coach. 
  • Follow your heart and if it tells you to get out there, then just do it! I find a lot of people who get scared because people in their circle tell them otherwise. Be your own individual and make your own path.

Teressa mentioned Lisa Fitzpatrick, you can reach her at

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