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This is probably not new to you: a Podcast. And it is a great way to add audio to your blog or website. You can create a Podcast with music, a radio show, or just talk.

I want to make the blog posts available in audio, except for the posts with a lot of screenshots. This way you can download the audio version to your iPod or MP3 player and listen to the article in the car or during a walk instead of reading the article.
Download now

This first Podcast in English is an overview of the equipment that I purchased and installed to do this in a professional way.

After careful research for the right microphone I have selected the Blue Yeti.
Via (aff) Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

This is a USB condenser microphone connected to the PC without any downloading or installing of software. The microphone is huge and is not for on the road recording. This microphone is on my desk and I will do more recording right at my PC.

The second product is especially for on the road. With this voice recorder I can record a quick note, a thought, an idea, and the most important one for me, record my presentations.

The Philips LFH0888
Via (aff) PHILIPS LFH0888/00 Voice Recorder + 4 x LR03 Alcaline Xtreme Power AAA Batteries + 2 Free

For the editing and recording I have installed Audicity on my PC. It is open source software for Windows, Mac and Linux. For Windows 7 I use the Beta version that is really good and was easy to install. For people with a Mac I hear a lot of good talk about Garageband.

To get the podcast easy and beautiful integrated in WordPress I use the Blubrry PowerPress plugin

Have fun listening to the mp3. If you have any tips for podcasting or when you have a great subject for a podcast just let me know in the comments.
Download the podcast now [5 Mb]

Update: The Blubrry PowerPress and Headway theme have some conflict so the player is not showing now. Looking for a solution.
Not sure what happened but now it seems to work.

By Erno Hannink

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