Why the #1CoachBiz will make your Coaching Business Number 1 in your niche with social media

When you want make your Coaching Business Number 1 in your niche then you are in the right place.

If your business is not getting enough clients via the internet you are also in the right place.

You want more impact, more reach. You want to help more people with your solution. Then you are definitely in the right place. We will double your impact.

This is what you will find here:
Doubling your reach and impact.
You will attract more clients with the support of social media.
Make your coaching business No.1 in your niche with social media.

I publish interviews with experienced and entrepreneur coaches.

Erno is the first Social Media Mentor for Coaches.

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What others are saying

inspiring podcast

“I very much enjoyed listening to the interview with Brigitte van Tuijl. I found it inspiring in the sense that Brigitte reconfirmed what I believe in: that being yourself is the best strategy to reach your goal. Erno, thanks for doing these interviews. I will also listen to the other podcasts.” – amahoelayuiretgaeiuuyt

A useful podcast

“After listening to the first 7 episodes of this podcast I can only conclude that Erno is adding a very useful podcast to the podcast scene. The episodes so far have been filled with many useful tips, both in the solo episodes as in the first episode with a guest. Often tips that are shared might not be new to the listener, but the way Erno positions them sheds a new light and inspires you to think how you as the listener are working it in your own business.” – Peter Simoons

“Erno’s blog is one of the most interesting around in The Netherlands when it comes to marketing, internet and media in general. He’ll surprise you every day.” – David Brinks of Hardcopy

“Erno tries to simplify online marketing (social media) in such a way that you can market your business yourself” – Marlies van der Meer from Meer Advies

“This guy really knows his stuff!” – Terry Brock – Professional Speaker

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About Erno Hannink

#1coachbiz podcast - Erno HanninkErno is the founder of ErnoHannink.com, Social Media Mentor, author and speaker.

After building my dutch website and blog ErnoHannink.nl to more than 1,500 visitors daily I want to share my mission internationally. So I started this site and since October 2013 NumberOneCoachBiz.com.

I am the initiator of bringing a number of international events to the Netherlands. October 2009 we started the first WordCamp Netherlands and had 170 attendees. December 2009 we started the Social Media Club Amsterdam and now we have more than 1,000 members and 17 SMC’s in the Netherlands.

December 2012 I stepped down as organiser of SMC Amsterdam and SMC Netherlands, to make room to start a new community and events. This community is for coaches that want to make their Coaching Business No.1 in their niche: No1CoachingBusiness.com.

I am married with Monique and we have two children, a son and a daughter. Combining family and work has been important to me while I was the manager marketing and sales at the company I worked for. It was clear to me that I needed to integrate this in my business when I started in 2006.

I read a lot and walk daily, this gives me peace in my head and gives me inspiration. Once a week a play squash, although I am not good at it I still love to play 🙂 Golf is also game I like, but I don’t schedule enough time to play it more often.

Saturdays you can find me in our garden and after that on the soccer fields at the club where our children play. Often as team leader and assistant referee, and sometimes as referee. On Sunday I am the announcer of the first team for this soccer club (VIOD).

Next to this I am a member of the parent council at the school where our children go, to be more involved. Also I support the national cancer fighting cause (KWF Kankerbestrijding) as head of our neighborhood during the yearly collection.


Listen to the first episode of the podcast where I explain what is all about. Click the image below to go directly to that episode:

Listen to theabout episode of the new #1CoachBiz podcast


My first book Attracting Clients – How Independent Professionals and solopreneurs can get new clients using the internet has been published by A.W. Bruna for the Dutch market. This book helps independent professionals get more clients via the internet using social media. It is a very practical book and explains how to set up a blog, write articles, start an ezine and use online networking. It sold 3,000 copies in the Netherlands.

My second book is in the stores since January 2013. It is about Choosing your target audience. An important step in attracting your ideal client.


I speak on Family and Business Balance and about Attracting Clients using the internet. This can be a keynote, interactive presentation or workshops. Learn about my availability for speaking at your event or in your company.


I train and mentor clients with a coaching business to attract more clients via the internet. Creating more traffic, generating more leads and selling products and services via the website. We support the family and business balance for these entrepreneurs.

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