5 minutes in the morning to save the day – Tova Payne

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Tova Payne.

Episode 31

Show Notes

You can find and connect with Tova at:

You can find her book at www.amazon.com/Eat-Think-Live-Rich-Happiness/dp/0991736214

Tova Payne is a writer, teacher, and consultant based out of Vancouver, Canada, and works worldwide with holistic, soulful entrepreneurs, seekers, and creatives via her online consulting practice, live workshops, and online digital courses, programs, and books.  

Tova’s consulting work is a combination of strategy with soul–she teaches from a place of keen intuition, along with real action steps to help create change and growth in your life and work.

I like the following quotes and remarks from the interview:

  • I am a writer, a teacher, and consultant. However, what I really do is bringing together spirit or soul and entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship is a soulful adventure. It is about doing work for the inside out, Innovation and creation from the inside out.
  • Nature can be an ally to find yourself and come to great business insights.
  • One of the most important things to do is to follow your intuition.
  • I am a big advocate of 5-minute meditation, you will start to feel more mental strength.
  • Approach everything in business as an experiment and like it’s a prototype.

People that Tova mentioned during the interview:

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