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There are a number of ‘excuses’ why people think they can’t have an active blog, so they start none. For me a Hub (combination of blog and website) is essential in attracting clients.

The hub is one of the 5 key points in the Best People Attraction Model. Posting regularly to attract new and returning visitors to your Hub is important.

In one of the Stop Selling Breakthrough Session I spoke with a lady and she said “Writing is not my thing. Like for others administration is not their thing. I feel the same about blogging. So, I can not start a blog.”

That is not true of course, you can blog. You can become visible on the web. You can be found by your target audience via the search engines.
There are 3 very obvious ways that you can increase your visibility on the internet.

1. Video

Recording and publishing videos is an excellent way to make yourself more visible. Especially if you, as a person, are an important part of your business and services.

People want to see and hear you. They need to get to know you, trust you. Watching and hearing you talk will help.

It is not as difficult as it used to be. A good easy to use HD video camera will cost you about EUR 150.00.

There are 2 key points that you need to pay attention to, sound quality and light. You need to make sure that people can understand you and see you.

You do not need to buy special lighting equipment or an expensive microphone. Just make sure that you have no background noise and are looking towards daylight.

You can video yourself, you can give a workshop and record that, you can record your presentation, you can do an interview, or video your clients.

Use sites like YouTube or Vimeo to post your videos. Then embed the video on your blog. So the people that follow your blog can always find your latest videos.

2. Photo

When you make products, small or tall or if you create art. It is great to keep your following posted of your creations. Use your camera and shoot pictures of the process. Post pictures of the end result.

You can post photos and images to Flickr or the new kid in town, Pinterest. There are plenty of other options available.
Of course you also upload the images to your blog and to your Facebook page.

3. Text

Even if you don’t like to write, you should at least write a short text that explains your videos or photos. Or even better, write a post of about 1 page each week or month. That is do-able right?

Once you get in the rhythm you will notice that it becomes easier. Maybe you will never love it but you can learn to use it.

People like to read articles. Search Engines like to find new information on your Hub on a regular basis. This will help you to rank better on your keywords.

While you are putting in the effort to write something make sure you write about the things you want to be found on. Try to find the keywords that your target audience uses when they look for their problem.

What if you don’t like writing? 3 tips to become visible from Erno Hannink on Vimeo.

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